The partner I work under brought me a chocolate Easter egg

from Francois Payard’s Patisserie and when I cracked into it, THERE WAS MORE CHOCOLATE.


I almost ate all of it without Brynnan having tasted it because he walked in when I was more halfway done with it.

But fuck yes.

A good start to a sure-to-be-stressful week.

Also, I’m going home this weekend! Yia yia! Papou! Roast lamb and red Easter eggs and tsoureki and homemade moussaka and every time I think about it my mouth starts watering and I can’t focus on whatever briefs I’m trying to review.


I got a promotion with my performance review last week because hey, someone actually noticed all of the hard work/dedication/overtime I was putting in. And since that came with a pay increase, and soon enough I’m going to have to start paying for school, we thought this would be the best time to go ahead and get the car.


It’s going to be ////FUCKING BEAUTIFUL/////.

It’s pearl white, 302 hp, black leather upholstery, 21” grey turbine wheels, with the ultra high fidelity sound package! We decided to go with the all-glass panoramic roof option, too, because why the fuck not??

Just pulling from our savings, we managed to put down 40% of the cost, which I was really pleased with ‘cause paying off what we financed is gonna be a breeze.

I wish, then maybe the asshole would pay me more.

the-fighting-temeraire replied to your post “One of the partners asked me out to lunch today and I have no clue…”

He probably has a mancrush on you. One of those far-off ones.

Or at least let me work less.

It was actually about my upcoming performance review, and he told me that if I did well the partners would be interested in switching me to a position where I directly report to them — which sounds great at first but it’s not because their teams get better titles and bonuses, but exponentially more work. And if I had MORE WORK to do than I have now, I think I’d lose my mind.